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Warehouse or warehousing function storing goods for production or production quantities and time frames that are then distributed to the desired location on request.


PPJK is Handling customs declaration on import or export goods carried by transporters, importers, or exporters. In regard to obtaining a customs declaration is not done alone, importers, or exporters can provide power to Pengusaha Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan (PPJK)

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers for the transport of goods has been growing rapidly since the decade of the seventies. Indonesia has become involved in container transport system which is already widespread in the pattern of transport in the world as part of the development of advanced technologies

Export And Import

PT. Sarijasa Transutama has handled many shipping services with experienced and expert staff. In the case of the delivery of export and import goods, it is necessary that relate to international trade terms, customs procedures in the country of origin and country of destination and documentation.
With staff supported and Professional and supported by our adequate facilities, PT. Sarijasa Transutama ready to serve properly and can provide the best solution for your shipping needs and your import and export expedition.


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